Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to YouTube Success in Six for Makers

    • A message from the instructor
    • How to use this course
    • COPPA what you need to know and how it affects your channel
    • Join the Facebook Group
  • 2

    Lesson 1 Starting and Customizing your channel

    • Statistics you need to know in YouTube FREE PREVIEW
    • Setting your goals for your YouTube Channel
    • Recommended tools for YouTube
    • How to select a name for your YouTube Channel
    • Set up your YouTube Channel Part 1
    • Set up your YouTube Channel Part 2
    • Learning the YouTube Menu
    • Set up your brand on YouTube
    • Week 1 Homework Walk Through
    • Week 1 Homework What am i an expert at
    • Most frequently asked questions
    • Set up a Facebook Page
    • Set up an Instagram account and use LinkTree
    • How to set up a Pinterest Account
  • 3

    Lesson 2 Let the Content Flow All about Content

    • Week 2 Welcome and Intro to Content
    • YouTube Algorithm the basics
    • for content ideas
    • Your content needs to be value based
    • Google autocomplete to find content
    • Related Channels for Content Ideas
    • Keywords Everywhere
    • Use Google Trends for content ideas and timing
    • Channel trailer what you need to include
    • How to record on a webcam and recommended recording equipment
    • How to fill out the content brainstorm sheet
    • Content Brainstorm Sheet
    • How to livestream on YouTube
    • Homework start an idea journal
  • 4

    Lesson 3 Editing your videos and lives

    • Week 3 Introduction Why edit
    • Edit with InShot on your phone or mobile device
    • The basics of Filmora 9 (Best Budget Editor)
    • Edit videos with Filmora 9- Part 1 (Best Budget Option)
    • Editing Videos with Filmora 9 Part 2
    • Editing videos with Filmora 9 Part 3
    • Editing videos with mac using imovie
    • Edit on YouTube editor
    • Download YouTube videos to make 30 second timelapsed videos for Promotion
    • Uploading videos to YouTube and going live on YouTube from a phone
    • Uploading a video to YouTube and use premiere to mimic being live
    • Download a Facebook live and edit with Filmora 9
    • Edit video using Fimora 8 (older version)
  • 5

    Lesson 4 Optimization

    • Introduction to Optimization
    • Optimizing your video Part 1
    • Optimizing your Video Part 2 plus Thumbnail creation
    • Optimizing Part 3 previous videos and monetizing older videos
    • Uploading your video and a quick walk through of Optimization
    • How to use the Optimization Planner and add metadata to your videos
    • Optimization planner- Download
    • Optimization answer comments
    • Optimizing your description
    • Video description example
    • Optimization using premiere
    • Set up Google Adsense and Merchandise Shelf
    • Add Google Adsense to your website
    • How to verify your website to use in Cards on YouTube
  • 6

    Lesson 5 Keywords

    • Introduction to Keywords
    • What is SEO and why do you need it
    • Tube Buddy walk through recommended tool for YouTube
    • How to use the Keyword planner and keywords from related channels
    • Keyword Planner Download
    • Keyword planner spreadsheet
    • YouTube search and TubeBuddy for finding keywords
    • Using keyword tool dominator to find keywords
    • for keyword search
    • invitation link
    • Add hashtags to your videos
    • Learning your Statistics on YouTube to help grow your channel
    • Using your analytics to determine why a video is not performing as expected
    • Use google trends to check your keywords and find timing of holiday content
  • 7

    Lesson 6 Promoting your videos

    • Introduction to Promotion
    • Get your information ready to share
    • Promotion through stories and short (time lapsed) videos
    • Promote on Facebook Part 1
    • Promote with Facebook Part 2
    • Share on Instagram
    • Find hashtags on Instagram
    • Promote on Pinterest
    • Promote through email
    • Promote through Collaboration
    • Promote through a Blog
    • Promote on Twitter
    • Video checklist pdf download
    • Video checklist spreadsheet
  • 8

    Bonus One OBS

    • OBS Course Introduction
    • OBS setup for PC Users 1
    • How to install OBS on a Mac Computer
    • OBS Add in Camera and Text PC
    • OBS how tto zoom in on the camera on a mac computer
    • OBS how to use zoom in feature with your webcam
    • OBS Add in images and logo to your lives
    • OBS Add in chat box to see comments
    • OBS how to use screen capture
    • OBS how to live stream to YouTube from OBS
    • OBS Multiple Camera Views
    • OBS how to live stream to Facebook from OBS
    • OBS how to live stream to Twitch and Periscope from OBS
    • OBS how to live stream to multiple social media platforms at once from OBS
    • Equipment to use with OBS
    • OBS make a frame box from canva for your live streams and videos
    • OBS highlight your text with a professional looking banner
    • OBS how to use scenes and studio mode
  • 9

    Bonus 2

    • Add google adsense to your website for ad revenue
    • Famebit for YouTube creators
    • Use Social Blue Book and Social Blade with Sponsorship

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